It is our imperative that we present ourselves to our customers, the industry and media as a unified, consistent organisation with a unified and clear vision.  To be a world leading, commercial real estate agency.

The most visible way we can present and re-enforce this message is through our brand.  Our brand is the visual delivery of everything we stand for, taking our strengths and delivering them as a unified image.

In our case our strengths are our experience and reputation in the community, our vision for the future and the market, our outstanding service and support for our clients.

Our brand is not a random creation by a marketing company, or just a logo, tagline or colour scheme; It’s a daily re-enforcement of why clients will and do business with us.

The Delmege brand is a strategic asset that builds trust, recognition, relationships and ultimately, revenue and margin.


As a company Delmege Property Group has a personality that is grown from family values and community spirit, it is a can do attitude.

Unique Positioning

Delmege Property Group has found itself in the unique position of being one of the longest standing owned and operated commercial real estate businesses on the northern beaches.

Our Positioning Statement

A great positioning statement should work on multiple levels, it should inspire, inform and ring with truth.

What does it mean?  It defines the reason why clients will work with us.  We have the property they need, the range of real estate that will satisfy the need they have, from leasing to investment sales.  “The people” signifies we have the best staff and directors in the business servicing our clients.  “The Vision” means we have a proven track record for brilliant decisions, inspired market predictions and a brilliant vision for our clients and our future.


We are driven by a thirst for excellence, innovation and quality in everything we do.  It is our teamwork, communication, superior knowledge and passion that makes us market leaders in all aspects of business.


Delmege Property Group’s core purpose is to sell, lease, manage, own and develop commercial property.  Our core goal is to be worlds leading commercial real estate agency. 

9 words that can be applied to the business and our work are:

  1. Teamwork
  2. Leadership
  3. Respect
  4. Quality
  5. Excellence
  6. Innovation
  7. Communication
  8. Knowledge
  9. Passion


Delmege Property Group have unmatched breadth of experience in commercial property and as a result our staff can identify great business opportunities for our clients with speed and clarity.  No one in the business can match the depth of local knowledge and long term vision gained from over 48 years as a family owned business with continued community involvement.  We have a driving passion for property, the best people in the market and a unparalleled vision for the future.