“Continued Growth in Return”


We have set out below a summary of the services Delmege Property Group is able to offer in respect of the ongoing management of your asset. .  

We would appreciate you considering Delmege Property Group as Property Managers for the property.

 To this end, our services include:


  • Prompt collection of rental and outgoings from tenants

  • Timely and efficient disbursal of funds to our clients as required

  • Regular analysis and payment of property related expenses

  • Reliable, detailed financial reports – the degree of detail is determined by our clients

  • Reconciliation of property related expenses & budget preparation


  • Maintaining an accurate database in respect of each lease

  • Establish tenant retention strategies to minimise vacancy

  • Undertake priority leasing of vacant managed properties utilising the resources of our leasing department

  • Renew existing leases on terms favourable to our clients

  • Rental review negotiation and implementation


  • Constantly monitor performance of all building services

  • Attend to repairs promptly in accordance with our client’s instructions

  • Liaise with tenants to maintain an ongoing level of comfort & safety

  • Provide both owners and tenants with 24 hour emergency assistance as required

  • Regular inspection and reporting on properties under management

  • Manage activities of Building Supervisor if appropriate

  • Arrange building contract procurement and implementation

  • Oversee building compliance & health / safety issues

  • Establish & maintain protocols for building security & safety


  • Provide regular detailed reporting in respect of income / expense and general property management matters

  • Continually update our clients in respect of lease and rental negotiations


  • Establish an appropriate long term management plan for our clients that maximises the net return and corresponding capital value of our client's property and eliminates unnecessary expenditure without compromising the property or tenants

Our management staff is quality and performance-driven in order to deliver close control of rental income and operating expenses. Critical to our success, we foster and balance our relationships with tenants and clients. Our technical engineering service professionals continually maintain on-site plant and equipment at peak efficiency in line with effective energy management strategies.